Becoming an Artist?

Becoming an Artist?

I often get asked this question: “How did you become an artist?”  It’s a question that stumps me every time.

In fact, I don’t really think of myself as BEING an artist.  I like to think about myself in simple terms – as a guy that likes to push puddles of paint around on a canvas here and there.

So, how does one become an artist.  I’m talking about a REAL artist.  I decided to google “How to Become an Artist” to see what would pop up.  Everyone knows that the real answers to all of life’s questions can be found on Google.  I was surprised by what I found:

  • How to become an artist: 17 steps (with pictures)
  • How to become a famous artist:13 Steps (with pictures)
  • 4 ways to become a Professional Artist
  • How to Become a Famous and Successful Artist

All jokes aside, I’m not convinced that an artist is something that you become.  Rather, it might be something that you always were.  As Albert Einstein says “True art is characterized by an irresistible urge in the creative artist.”

My advice; if you love art and are interested in creating, then pick up a pencil, marker, paintbrush – whatever your preferred medium – and find time to create what’s on your mind.  You may need to sit somewhere quiet.  The hustle and bustle of today’s modern world can wreak havoc on the creative mind.  Escape the chaos and turn inward.  Listen to yourself.  Breathe.  Take a moment to be mindful and trust yourself as an artist.  The artist you always were and the artist that you will be through what you create.

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