Colouring Pages

For our family social distancing means taking time to connect with each other. A big part of our time together includes art and we want to share this magic with you!

We are hoping you will join my family in creating. We often choose one topic or theme and create our own original pieces - it's fun for all ages!  Over the next few weeks, I will be posting a series of colouring pages for you to download and enjoy with us.  

For me, art is healing. I hope creating art during this time of uncertainty brings you joy as we surrender to this new (temporary) reality. 

We hope you will join us on this creative journey.  We will be sharing our completed original pieces and colouring pages on social media and hope you will too by tagging your image with #RCraigArtCollective. 


Many consider fireweed to be a healing plant. It is also one that can be found throughout our beautiful country. I created this image of three pieces of fireweed to represent past, present, and future wellbeing. I hope you enjoy the soothing  lines as you colour this image. 

Click here for your free Fireweed Colouring Page